Monday, October 29, 2012

Spotlight on The King George Inn

Nestled in the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, you will find The King George Inn.  Innkeepers, Jim and Lynn Hunt open their doors to welcome visitors to their 1900's Colonial Revival home which has been painstakingly restored to it's former glory.  The Inn offers four spacious suites with private baths and showers.  There is a luxurious common area, a library and an art gallery.  When there, you are treated to a gourmet breakfast artfully prepared by Lynn Hunt, a master in the kitchen.  
Perhaps while you are there, you may run across the ghost of Lt Henry Shaver Trout the original owner of the Inn.  Lt Trout served in the Civil War in the Confederacy and was twice wounded.  While serving as Mayor, Lt. Trout gained recognition by standing against a mob which was responsible for the lynching and burning of a Mr. Smith.  A number of citizens were shot and the mayor was wounded during this uprising.
If you are a ardent student of the Civil War, you can visit one of the trails where the Battle of Hanging Rock was fought.
If it's beauty you are after, how can you possibly beat the breath-taking view of the Roanoke Valley with it's vineyards. Open 7 days a week is the historic Roanoke City Market (Virginia's oldest continuously operating open-air market at the center of Downtown Roanoke.  You can contact Jim and Lynn Hunt at (757) 675-4034 or visit their website at